Massage Classes

Knowledge and skills are something to share, so I am offering massage classes for people interested in massages. The introductory course will have a follow up, as well as there will be a variety of other courses. Watch out!

Massage Introductory classes

You want to learn some basic massage techniques? Want to spoil your partner or friends 2015-10-10 12.39.50

after a hard day’s work? This class includes a short theoretical instruction to massages and ca. 3h of practical massage lessons, focussed on the back & neck. We will work in pairs, so please be prepared to massage and get massaged.

Time: 3-4h

Cost: 50,-€ p.p.

Places: 6


  • 29th October 11am

Follow-up Class:

  • 05th November 11am

Course programme:

Theory(30-45 min.):
– Welcome/Introduction
– How massages work and the history of massages
– The massage sequence
– Indications and Contra-indications

Practical Massage part (2×90 min.):
– Basic Classical(Swedish) Back Massage
– Basic Classical(Swedish) Neck Massage
– Additional grips

2015-10-10 12.39.46In the practical part, we will be working in pairs – each participant will get a back&neck massage this way, afterwards his massage partner will benefit.



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  4. I would like to learn how to make relaxing massage. So, I am looking for a massage course. I am available on Saturday morning. What do you think about?


    • Hello Ali,

      I can organize a 3h massage course for you on Saturday morning at 10am, if you have a partner. It only makes sense to learn massages when you can practice. It would cost 50€ per Person. Let me know


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    • Dear Mohammed,
      thank you for your interest and your request on my Blog. I am currently not giving out certificates, as the classes are more for private interest, team building or couples. I can certify your participation and the techniques learned during the class though. If you are looking for a indepth-class or a curriculum, I will be happy to recommend massage schools to you.

      Kind regards


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