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Why having a massage?

Massages influence the whole body, mind and soul. They improve  blood and lymph flow, thereby the immune system. They reduce muscular tensions and help muscles to recover after sport or physical work. They are also relaxing and useful to recover from stress, getting your mind in balance again and increasing the general well-being.

Massages were already used as means of medicine by the ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese cultures. The Greek founders of modern medicine believed massages to be one of the essential skills of a doctor. Depending on the massage techniques, they have different effects on body and mind – revitalizing or calming, focused on reducing muscle tensions or improving the lymph-flow, etc.


Deep Tissue Massage / Back & Neck

Deep Tissue and Back & Neck Massages are specifically designed for clients with strong muscular tensions or knots. Based on classique massage techniques and using friction and triggerpoint massage techniques, these tensions can be reduced or even completely vanish after some treatments. Of course, these massages will also reduce your stress level. While the Deep Tissue Massage is covering the whole body, the Back&Neck version is solely designed for reducing office related  stress in the upper body.

Massage Rücken 10 Profil

Relaxation Massage

The relaxation massage will help you to get rid of stress and fatigue. It is also based on classic massage techniques but has a much softer touch than the deep tissue massage. It will still reduce muscular tension by improving the blood flow and activating the lymph system. A relaxation massage is something to enjoy, getting lost in the moment, freeing your mind and relax. If you want to, the perfect addition to a relaxation Massage is a short Facial or a foot massage.


Slimlegs – Slimbody – Anticellulitis

This massage is highly effective at reducing stress-related problems such as heavy legs, swollen hands, dark rings under the eyes etc. The technique applied for this massage is called lymphodrainage and is having a great effect on the composure of your skin. As a result, it works against Cellutlitis as well. This is due to draining effect, which is activating the lymphatic system.


Sports Massage

Sports massages are designed for recovering after matches or hard work-outs. Using classical massage techniques as well as stretching and vibrations, the sports massage is not as strong as the deep tissue massage, if there are no particularly tense muscle areas involved. Best taken directly after sports, a short sports massage can also be useful right before a longer or important sports event, to warm up muscles and get rid of muscular tensions in advance.


Facial Massage

A facial massage is a very relaxing massage, excellent for stress relief and working against headaches. Might be well-combined with a back&neck massage to get rid of the typical problems occurring from working in an office or a stressful working period.


Hot Stone Massage

Using heated volcanic stones, this massage is very good for re-energizing, balancing the energy flows in your body and relaxation. It is a very calm and light method of massaging. Combining cold stones, a hot stone massage might be used to revitalize the cardiovascular system.

Massage Hand 3


Plantar reflexology is a strong massage of the feet.It is stimulating the whole body, as the corresponding points on your feet are massaged. With the feet being one of the most neglected parts of our body, this massage is usually not only stimulating the body, but also a good way of thanking your feet for carrying you around all day…


massage oils


Massage oils

A good massage starts with quality massage oils, scents from essential oils and the right atmosphere. Just discovered a new mixture of Jojoba and Aloe Vera oil as basic element for my treatments – fantastic, as the right oil is not only key for a fluent motion of the therapists hands but a very effective treatment of the skin, combining healing and cosmetic effects.

Contraindications for massages

A massage is contra-indicated in the following cases: Fever, virus infections, malignant tumours or contagious skin diseases. Also be aware that you shouldn’t have a massage in the first 4 months and the last 6 weeks of a pregnancy. This is specifically true for reflexology.

In other cases, like local skin infections or muscular injuries , the body-area concerned won’t be massaged. If in doubt, please ask your therapist or contact your doctor beforehand.


About me

Massages in Brussels is the Blog for my Massage Service. My name is Sven Parthie, I am an experienced Massage Therapist from Germany. I offer a variety of massages for relaxation, muscular pain and stress-related tensions. I will do my best to relieve you from the worst stress-related problems and thereby improving the well-being of body and soul. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message or an email. All treatments for women and men.

To answer one question in advance: There are NO sexual services attached to my massages – if you are looking for that, there are plenty of better suited service providers in the Brussels area.Massage Beine 12



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