Slimlegs massage: Getting rid of heavy legs

Summer is on our doorstep – but the warm weather can also cause problems. Heavy legs after long office days can even occur in winter, but the summer heat usually makes things worse. This is caused by an overwhelmed lymphatic system, that has trouble getting the liquid out of your extremities. While you can improve the situation by walking around more and thus activating the lymph flow in your legs, a massage technique called lympho drainage can give your system a kickstart. It immediately improves the performance of your lymphatic system, which in turn makes it easier and less painful to walk. Though this massage is called slimlegs, it can be applied on the whole body – particularly swollen hands or dark circles around the eyes can be treated effectively with this massage. It is also having a great effect on the composure of your skin and as a result, it has an effect on Cellutlitis as well.

If you have further questions or would like to try it, don’t hesitate to contact me: or gsm 0487/236346.063photo joelle11_04_2015


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