Massages @work: The special treat for your office staff

Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work – the ideal day to arrange a massage tryout at your office. Call me on 0487/236346 or send an email to and improve the health management of your company.

Massages in Brussels

Massage Hand 3

Massages at work are a great way to improve health, well-being and morale among co-workers. A seated massage can take place at most office spaces without problem. With approximately 15-20 min. per treatment, neck and back pain, stiff shoulder muscles, sore arms and even headaches can be addressed, while concentration and motivation will improve.  A regular massage session is usually set-up around lunchtime, therefore improving one’s performance in the early afternoon directly. For a seated massage, employees don’t need to get undressed.

Massage Nacken 1

If you are interested in offering a special treat to your employees or fellow colleagues, don’t hesitate to contact me. Depending on the space at your office and the number of massages colleagues, a scheme tailored for your needs will be offered. The standard rate for a seated massage is 20,- €  for 20 min. You can also book a seated massage for your event. If you…

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