New address – massages at home / à domicile / mobile Massage

Please note my change of address: Chaussée de Wavre 475. For the time being, I will preferably offer you massages at home (outcall), as I can only offer a massage room on the 3rd floor right now. In Brussels, the extra costs for a massage at your place is between 5 and 10 €. You are course welcome to have your massage at my cabinet if you prefer so, it is close to Place Jourdan and La Chasse – and includes a tiny fitness element right now.

The new summary:

I offer massages at home. If you prefer to, you can also have your massage at my cabinet. / Je fais des massages à domicile. Si vous prefèrez, yous pouvez avoir votre massagedans mon petit cabinet. / Ich biete mobile Massagen zu Hause wie am Arbeitsplatz an. Wenn gewünscht, ist auch eine Massage in meinem Massageraum möglich.

Massage offers:
Relaxing Massage (30/60/90 min.) 27,- / 45,- / 65,- €
Deep Tissue Massage (45/60/90 min.) 42,- / 50,- / 70,- €
Back & neck Massage (30/45/60 min.) 30,- / 42,- / 50,- €
Facial Massage (15/30 min.) 17,- / 25,- €
Slim Legs (30/45/60 min.) 27,- / 38,- / 48,- €
Reflexology (15/30 min.) 18,- / 30,- €

I speak English. Natürlich auch deutsch. Et francais, je parle aussi- Og jeg taler dansk.


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