How to reduce stress?

We experience stress on a daily basis, and usually it is a physical and psychological reaction to a tense situation. In turn, stress hormones make us act faster and enhance our productivity – but at a cost: Working on a constant stress level is exhausting body and mind. The muscles in back, shoulders, neck and arms get tense, as they function as a storage for psychological and physical tensions.

Combined with usual problems caused by bad posture and lack of physical exercise/movement, these stress-related can lead to muscular pain, headaches and even depressions. Pain in your neck and back are therefore a warning signal of your body, indicating that there is a need for relaxation and recovery.Massage Nacken 15 Profil

There are a lot of ways to relax or reduce your daily stress levels: Listening to music, reading a good book or sports on the one hand, operating with less tight deadlines, better delegation of tasks, seek realism rather than perfectionism in your work on the other. Be aware: Strong back pain is a frequent warning of work or emotional overload, which may result in a burn out syndrome.

Massages reduce stress levels and muscular pain, they are relaxing body, mind and soul. The stimulation of the blood flow and the lymphatic system help the body to get rid of stress-related tensions on its own again. Massages are a kind of active time-out, where your mind, soul and body have time to get in balance again. Therefore, it is essential that you trust your massage Massage Rücken 10 Profiltherapist and feel comfortable during the massage. If you stay with a therapist, you will enjoy the experience even more.

If you need a time-out, you might consider the actual Special offer (2h Complete Massage for only 70,- €) or just ask me for advice, what kind of massage is best in your case: or 0487/236346


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